Thursday, January 03, 2008

Solitary passionfruit bears fruit

According to the textbooks, solitary passionfruit plants will not bear fruits, because they require cross-pollination. A solitary plant that I am growing on a rooftop garden in Kuala Lumpur, seven storeys above ground, and far from any other passionfruit bears abundant fruits. The species is Passiflora edulis. I expect the seeds will produce self-fertile plants. I would be happy to send seeds to anybody who would like to try.


Anonymous said...

Dear Dr. Francis
I came across your webpage today and found your articles to be very interesting.

I'm a practicing Landscape Architect in Johor and would like to request for the passionfruit seeds as offered.

Thanks & have a great weekend ahead!

Anonymous said...

Oops ... forgot to include some contact info earlier - I could be reached at

Dr Francis Ng said...

My solitary passionfruit plant has produced a hundred fruits since my last report. Almost every flower results in a fruit. However, a similar plant that I gave to a friend flowers readily but produces only a few fruits. I have suggested to him to loosen the soil around the plant so that the roots can breathe. My own plant on the rooftop is grown on very loose soil -- actually charcoal particles or 'horticultural carbon'.

I will send seeds to Susanna once I get her postal address

Dr Francis Ng said...

Dear Sue

I mailed the seeds to your address today. They were extracted from fruits yesterday. You should plant the seeds immediately because we do not know how long they will stay alive. Sow the seeds in a pot of soil and cover with a thin layer of soil. Water and place in a sheltered place.When the seedlings are about 10 inches tall you can plant them out against a trellis. Grow at least 3 plants because they may vary in their ability to fruit. By planting several you can later choose the most productive plant and eliminate the rest. We cannot do this with our kids but its ok with plants.

… Francis

Anonymous said...

Dr. Ng,

If your Passiflora edulis is still producing fruits and you have seeds to give away, can I request for some? Thanks.

LT Wong

Dr Francis Ng said...

I still have some seeds from the lot that I extracted for Susanna. Send your postal address to my email address:

khool said...

Hi Dr Ng,

Came across your blog today, great to see a local blog on tropical gardening.

I'm new to gardening but would love to grow fruits such as passionfruit and avocado, which are tropical but ridiculously expensive here because they're imported from Australia.

I just came back from Sabah last weekend, and brought back with us some locally grown avocado, so hope to grow some from the seeds. Any advice for a newbie?

Would you also still have any more passionfruit seeds (hope the plant is still thriving). Would love to give that a try too....

many thanks!

Dr Francis Ng said...

Liying, if you live in KL I can give you cuttings. They root fairly easily.

khool said...

Dear Dr Ng,

Thanks! That would be great!

I live in PJ, so I could come over to pick the cuttings up from you.
Can I still contact you at the e-mail

Dr Francis Ng said...

Yes, I can be reached at the same email address

Unknown said...

Dear Dr,

I am Steven from Kelanta, i wonder if you still have some passion fruit seeds?

Kind regards,
Dr Steven Ngan

Anonymous said...

Dear Dr Francis,

Thks for your interesting blog. I like to start growing passion fruit and would appreciate some advise.

Does the plant grow best from seeds or grafts? Where to buy them?
Does it grow on fence vertically?


Dr Francis Ng said...

Dear Ray
They will grow easily from seeds and climb a vertical fence. The seeds can be extracted from fruits that you buy in the local markets.

Mah said...

Dr. Ng, came across this blog today. As I used to live in my grandma's during the school holiday. I love to plant fruits trees. I had a problem with the various passion fruit plants I planted. They died Accidentially. After the second round of planting, there is no pulps in the passion fruit but there were a lot of flowers. I saw on TV , the Sulawesi type has a lot of pulps where we wanted. Which is the best type to plant in Sabah. Thank you. Really enjoyed your blog.