Sunday, March 15, 2009

Gobal recession affects garbage disposal

The old newpapers in my house have been piling up during the past few weeks. Then it hit me that the people who come around collecting old newspapers have stopped making their rounds. This must be because the recycling factories have been hit by the recession.

At the peak of the economic bubble last year, thieves went on a rampage, stealing metal signboards, manhole covers and electric cables. When the bubble burst, the thievery stopped, and that was a good thing. Now, the recession is likely to become environmentally ominous, with old newsprint, plastic, glass and other recyclable things uncollected and filling up the dumpsites.

Governments have announced plans to boost the economy. Most of the money will go to the glamour industries. How about supporting the recyclers and garbage collectors to stay in business? They are perhaps as important as banks and motocar manufacturers.

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