Sunday, October 11, 2009

New horticultural plants in Malaysia

I make it a habit to regularly visit plant retail nurseries in Sungei Buloh at the northeastern edge of Kuala Lumpur to look for new plants. Every month there is something new. I buy the new plants to test in my various projects. Sometimes they do well, sometimes they fade away. The amazing thing is that new things keep coming in, and usually without any name.

What I would like to do in my blog is to feature new plants as I find them so as to build up a record of their appearance in the local market. I hope these pictures will prompt colleagues to provide identifications and clues about the origins of these plants.

I have not yet learnt how to post pictures in my blogs but this will be rectified in December when my son will be in KL to help me. In the meantime I have upgraded my access to broadband and my son has put a picture of myself in my profile.


Autumn Belle said...

Dr Ng. Would you like to try posting an image? It is actually very easy. First you go to your usual new post or edit post option. Then:

a) click on the ‘Add image” icon – this is found on the horizontal bar menu, the same line as font.

b) select ‘Add an image from your computer’

c) click on ‘Browse’ and then you look for the image from your computer.

d) after you have selected the image, just click ‘upload image’

e) click ‘done’ and your are done.

Good Luck!

Seh said...

Hi, I just get to know ur blog from a search of One Utama Secret Garden from internet. I visited the roof top garden few week ago, I was impressed from all ur good jobs. I really agree with u about the advantages to set up the rooftop garden, there are too many new ideas for me to apply to our company rooftop hydroponics Farm at Bukit Jalil. I am welcome u to visit our Hydroponics farm. feel free to contact me at, 012-6198260, Seh.

Stephanie said...

I am with Seh and Autumnbelle too. Your work at One Utama Secret Garden is truly commendable. I hope the establishment would continue their suppport for this garden project permanently. I think they should open the garden every day!

I also visit nurseries on a regular basis and writes my own reviews in my blog, :-)

Andrea said...

I am very glad to meet you Dr Ng. I am looking forward to more of your posts and photos. Autumn Belle is right, photos help a lot especially in your kind of blog. Thank you.

J.C. said...

Welcome to blogging about gardening, Dr. Ng. Hopefully you can share some of your horticulture knowledge with gardening amateurs like me.

Glad to meet you here through the link from Autumn Belle's blog.