Tuesday, November 04, 2014

Price tag on Tropical Fruits, Seeds, Seedlings and Trees

I checked with the Publication Unit in FRIM today on the pricing of the book Tropical Fruits, Seeds, Seedlings and Trees. The price at the FRIM bookshop is 250 Malaysian Ringgit. I mailed  one copy to a friend in the USA today and that cost me RM 180 by postal air mail. The cost by Courier would have exceeded RM 300. The weight after packing was over 2 kg.

For overseas orders, the FRIM price is USD 150, not including postage.

As author I would like the book to be distributed quickly and cheaply but that is our of my hands.

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Liphyra said...

I wonder about the shiping cost to Trang,Thailand . I am one of the person who working on the seed .Do you know are there selling in Thailand?