Friday, October 23, 2015

At night and alone in the Secret Garden of 1 Utama

The Secret Garden of 1 Utama is open from 10am to 10pm on weekends and public holidays.

I once went into the Secret Garden at night. The bright and cheery colours of the day of the day were no longer evident. There were lights embedded among the plants and the effect was one of dim lights and long shadows. The only flowers that stood out were the white ones and these emitted mysterious fragrances. When the air moved, the shadows moved. I was alone and my adrenaline level shot up. I quickly retreated to the well-lighted lift lobby and got out. . .

With Halloween coming, I will put a proposal to the Management to have the Secret Garden open on Halloween night. This would be a nice spooky place for romantic couples. Maybe not this year because there is not enough time to organize but next year. In the meantime, the garden is open on normal weekends and public holidays so night visitors can go in at 8 - 10pm.  Make sure you have a compatible partner to cling on to when the shadows dance to the rustling of leaves in the breeze.  

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