Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Record numbers of visitors at the Secret Garden

The number of visitors at the Secret Garden on Hari Raya Sunday was 822. The total for the 4-day holiday period was 2478. The breakdown is as follows:

24 June:  449
25 June:  822
26 June:  592
27 June:  616.

Total: 2478
The normal average is 300 per day. What is the reason for the surge in numbers? Could it be due to 
outstation visitors coming to KL for the long holidays? 

At MPH, Popular and Borders, the sections on gardening have shrunk or disappeared. This indicates that the demand for garden books has dropped sharply, perhaps due to increase in condominium living. .


Unknown said...

Hi Dr. Ng,
greetings..We from the Friends of Bukit Kiara would like to get in touch with you. Hope you could drop us a line at ?
best rgds,

Anonymous said...

Dear Dr Ng, We are a large KL Condo with 40 mature Phoenix Dactylifera in very poor health. It is heartbreaking to see them. If you would be kind enough we urgently need a consultationwith you. Please refer to Landscape email

Rae said...

Hi Dr Ng

Yes condo living does affect this and also perhaps the mindset of the people too. My fiance and I took quite a long time to find our perfect house with substantial yard to grow both ornamental and edible. Most of the houses we've looked at have the yard paved because the owners do not want to deal with plants.

Unknown said...

I’m a beginner gardener with a small balcony that is now getting full of plants. I managed to find a copy of your book “Tropical Horticulture & Gardening.” It’s so awesome with the many beautiful pictures for easy plant identification. Of all places, I got it at MPH kuching today. Thanks for writing this great book.