Tuesday, January 10, 2023

A Guide for Independent-Minded Scientists

I have just published a book entitled A Guide for Independent-Minded Scientists. This is available free of charge from the website of FRIM (Forest Research Institute Malaysia). I am sorry to say that the FRIM website is very badly designed. You need to select from the menu: Publications, then New Books, then Other Publications, then E Book to finally get to my book. You can then download it. 

Be patient and you may find this book worth your trouble especially if you are from a developing country. There are many books about science but I know of none written by a scientist from a developing country, for readers in developing countries.  

I obtained my science degrees at the University of Tasmania (BSc Hons) and the University of Oxford (DPhil). I have published over 150 scientific papers and over 10 books. I was Deputy Director General of FRIM until 1990. After that, I was head of what was then the Service for Forestry Research, Education and Training of the Food and Agricultural Organization of the United Nations, in Rome. This was followed by a stint as one of the founding Directors of the Centre for International Forestry Research, in Bogor, Indonesia. I resigned from both of these international positions because I felt they were of no help to the countries they were supposed to help. All this while I struggled to understand why science in developing countries is in such a miserable state even after 50 years of decolonization. This book is the result of the struggles I went through.  I have written it for scientists who are on a similar voyage of self-development. Others who are not scientists may find the book useful as guide to what science is all about.  


noduritoto said...
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noduritoto said...

I searched for earthworms in pots, and found your blog and your thoughts interesting.

I am an ordinary individual living in Korea. After graduating from a science and engineering university (an upper-middle-tier university in Korea), and experiencing various failures, I started a small private business 3 years ago and am currently running it.

Korea has been able to develop rapidly by chance, but as a native Korean, there are few true leaders like you in Korea that I have seen.

You are a scholar and I am a businessman, but I think there is a common philosophy between the two fields that is difficult to explain. Furthermore, it will apply to everyone. And when I was an undergraduate, I think it would have been nice if a senior like you shared the same thoughts as you. It's late, but it still feels like I've found a treasure in deep space.
(Since my current position is a businessman, I get excited without hesitation when I meet something valuable.)

If there is a chance, I would like to keep in touch with you.
(I leave a comment with my Google account. I don't know the Blogger system, but I sincerely hope that my Google email reaches you.)

Oh, I went to the path of the web page you posted, but I couldn't find your book. I really want to see the book, but I don't know if I can order it well from FRIM.

Dr Francis Ng said...

My blogger account is not as interactive as before, so I was unaware of your comments until someone drew my attention to it. Please communicate with me via my address: tropicalplantman@gmail.com and I will mail you a copy of my book.