Friday, January 26, 2018

First book reviews of "Tropical Forest Scientist - Francis S.P. Ng and FRIM"

This book was published three weeks ago and the first reviews are in.

" I spent roughly 17 hours reading it and making sure I understood every sentence. It was not tiring or tedious because the content was riveting"

" I started reading it during lunch time. I found it hard to put down even when lunch break was over."

" I have finished reading the book. It was a breathless story."

" I told Tan Sri ..... about your book and he is most interested to buy a copy"

" I gave your book to Dato....  He has finished reading it and liked it a lot. He thought the book was very interesting and different from other autobiographies."

These comments were from friends so they are not hostile. We will know the real public response from how the book sells.

I had a piece of good news. My previous book, Tropical Forest Fruits, Seeds. Seedlings and Trees was the most expensive book ever published by FRIM.  It was priced at RM250 at the FRIM bookshop, and USD150 for foreign orders. I thought the book would never sell. Well, last month, they sold the last copy. I saw a copy in a bookshop in Penang a few days ago and mentioned to the manager that the book was out of print. He quickly removed the book from display and locked it away.

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