Friday, February 02, 2018

Durian Asfa 50 is a hoax

This morning I met two durian experts in the Raub-Bentong area of Pahang to ask about Durian  Asfa 50, of which many photos are being passed around on What’s App. They both say, independently, that Asfa 50 is a hoax. The pictures belong to three separate varieties. The pictures that show deeply furrowed fruits, with many fruits on the tree, are Montong, a Thai cultivar that is very productive but not very tasty.  The fruits that are not furrowed and showing only one or two fruits on the tree is Black Thorn; this has best taste by low productivity. The intermediate one with shallow furrows and moderate number of fruits is Durian King. Even the leaves are different, to the eyes of experts. You can buy grafted plants of Durian King for RM15, and Black Thorn for RM35. 


ghost's view said...

Dear Dr,

I was a novice who was drawn into planting quite a nos Asfa 50 seedling in my land in Johor last Nov 2017. This was because of the vast published news locally and internationally on this new breed. Furthermore, there are many dignitaries, Peladang Perlis and including the Sultan of Perlis endorsing this new species.
I am curious if Asfa 50 is a hoax, how come since the introduction of this species since mid last year 2017 no one are rebutting and they have been appointing agents in whole Malaysia selling these seedling at RM150 per plant. Surely there are many experts like you who are able to identify if this species is a hoax and able to know if it is Monthong.
I would appreciate if you can elaborate more on this Asfa 50 species.
P/s : U may able to get more infos from their FB under Asfa50 etc.
Thank you.

Unknown said...

photo taken are of different species. but i just try. not doing large scale planting.

Dr Francis Ng said...

On reading my post again, I found I had made a silly omission by mistake. The 'Durian King' that I referred to should have been typed as 'Durian Musang King'.

The photos being passed around are mainly of two kinds. Those showing opened fruits with creamy yellow flesh are Durian Musang King.

The majority of photos show short trees with large, deeply lobed fruits. These are Montong from Thailand.

I am surprised people are actually selling ASFA 50 plants at hugely inflated prices. I thought the whole thing was just a joke that someone had concocted for fun. Even the story involving the Perlis Raja may be a hoax. What is the source of this story?

Experienced durian growers and durian sellers can identify durians from the fruits. I checked with the biggest durian propagation nursery in Bentong and counterchecked with an experienced durian grower in Raub. Both were able to identify durians just from photos of the fruits. If you want to check out the photos you have, just show them to your regular durian dealer.

Unknown said...

I was about to buy this asfa I am not sure..
There were photos of dignitaries with the durian..all a hoax?

By the way anyone knows the names of the big nurseries in mysia and if they can export to singapore and Indonesia ?
Any info will be greatly appreciated.. thanks

Anonymous said...

In one of Asfa 50 promotions, they claimed the clone is a result of bud grafting between Tembaga, Musang King and Black Thorn, and as well via tissue culture.
Bud grafting will ensure the properties of the scion, mostly. Tissue culture is nothing more but a big name for bud grafting. Both process may not alter the characteristics of the scion as a tree. These processes do not dwarf a tree, nor impart new characteristics to the fruit. Except perhwhen done for decades.

Unknown said...

Too many of these experts cheating in the market, fooling ppl around, just want to make their pocket full

Unknown said...

Dear my friends, asfa50 is a hoax. Do not buy. I born in Kedah and used to survey durian grafted plant all this while. Story appeared in the Internet that the 50 acres asfa50 planted only can be harvested by 2020. Where do you think the tree and the fruit come from?
The asfa50 not yet bearing fruit till today! So please don't be so naive paying rm 150 for a kampong durian in which you can sow yourself absolutely free